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P R I V A T E    C O A C H I N G

Transform your body - Transform your LIFE

Single Session

One hour of private coaching to discuss challenges and build a personalized game plan.

Best for:

- The gal who has a fairly clear idea of what to do in her journey of transformation but is experiencing a snag in progress. Needs fresh insight and/or to ask a few questions for renewed gusto.


- 21 days of email follow up and progress assessment.

Price: $125

Flip A Quarter

Three months of weekly one-hour private sessions designed to cultivate powerful transformation in a quarter.

Best for:

- The gal who is READY to create major transformation in her body, her mind, & in her life but needs guidance and assistance with identifying destructive patterns, addressing internal blocks, and freeing herself of the insecurities that hold her back.


- Email communication between sessions to track and observe daily progress & challenges.

- The 30-day Transformation Program complete with meal plan and daily at home workouts all in video format.

Price: $1500

Home Alignment

A ten to twelve-hour day in your home assessing its conduciveness to peak mental, physical, & spiritual wellness and performance.

Best for:

- The gal who understands the role her home plays in the subconscious programing of her beliefs about SELF. She wants to be sure that her home is not contradicting her desires or hindering her transformation.


- One-on-one walk through of the entire home to evaluate what each component is communicating and facilitating.

- An optimal alignment of each space of the home to the desires and goals of the client.

- Mindset coaching, tailored mind/body/spirit exercises, & situational reflection at each juncture of the process.

-  21 days of email follow up and progress assessment.

Price: Determined by location


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